I'm Judy Blume, I was shy as young girl and kept to myself but in my years I have changed. I was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey on February 12, 1938. As a child I created stories in my head. Then the pictures would come and at the end of the process there would be a little made up story in my head. The things I would dream of would be these made up stories that I created in my mind only to stay in my mind. But years later my passion grew for writing.

I went to college at New York University and recived a degree in B.S. in E ducation in 1961. As I grew older past my collage years I continued my love for books and stories. Even though the stories in my head where always there to stay I had to grow up be bolder and become an author.

So in 1970 through 1974 I wrote two books called "Blubber" and "Are you there god it's me Marget." When I wrote "Are you there God it's me Marget" the point was that even if you are moving to a new town or place use it as an opportunity to start over. When I wrote "Blubber" one of the things I thought about or used to quote was that "if a person can laugh about herself or himself she or he can be respected." These books turned out to be hits for younger kids and teens all over America. With all the success I gained from my past two books I wrote another one called "Summer Sisters" in 1998. When I wrote "Summer Sisters" I was in a cabin at vineyard beach.

Even before I became a famous author as an adult I still used to dream about my stories. I became one of the best known child authors. I became so widely known I received the Liberty Of Congress award in "Writers and Artists" category. My books where sold and published so many times that my books where translated into 31 different languages. I sold more than 80 million books. In 2004 I was awarded the national book foundation medal for "Disguised Contribution to American Leaders." All of this was wonderful but it couldn't have happened with hard work drive and the little stories in my head.

My insparation is reciving letters from readers all over the world from any age. They talk about their feelings and how they relate to my books. That is my inspiration. Really reaching out to the readers. Twenty eight books later the shy girl that made stories in her head is now in "The New Jersey Hall Of Fame."

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Note from Mrs Ross: Nice, try a stronger lead, reread your essay check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, last sentence does not make sense (but good idea). Thanks!

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