" Living on a prayyyyyyeeeeerrrrrrrr!" I am and still am, a rock star to all you fans out there! I was born on March 2, 1962, in Perth Amboy, New Jersey! I was raised by my parents, Carol and John. I also had two brothers named Anthony and Mathew. I went to a school called Sayreville War Memorial High school in Parlin, New Jersey.Like most people, I even started loving to play music in school.You can get inspirations there and everywhere.

Everyone has dreams, some, to be a doctor, dentist, biologist or a rock star like me. I had a dream of being a rockstar and I accomplished it, so others should follow their dreams too.My band is like no other. I played with guitarist Richie Sambora, drummer Tico Torres, keyboardist David Bryan and a bassist, Hugh Mcdonald. We went on tour, and made a bunch of albums. I was inducted into the UK Music Hall Of Fame and also received the award of Merit at the American Music Awards in 2004. I even named my fourth successful album ''New Jersey"! Satisfied, I also won a Golden Globe for best song, Blaze of Glory.

When I was only thirteen at the year of 1975, I started out playing guitar and piano, when music got into my life I even started my first band called "Raze''. My wife's name is Dorthea Hurly who is a karate champion. Later on in our life, we made four kids. They are named Stephanie, Jesse, Jacob and last but not least Romeo Bon Jovi. They are a great,loving family. Speaking of family, I spent most of my summer days in Erie, Pennsylvania, with my grandparents as a newspaper sales man.

Now, I have a great life, but others don't. Like how people suffer from, poverty and homelessness, so I chose to stand up and help rescue the poor. I created the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation.It was meant to help resolve the issue that helps poor families and individuals. That was an achievment, but I thought of doing more. I started off by helping build a health clinic for the poor in our own state New Jersey. I will be and like all other people, saving one soul, after another!
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