In Rutherford, New Jersey on December 23, 1870 a great artist was born, an artist that would change New Jersey and the world. That artist was me. I spent most of my youth in Weehawken, NJ, my grandparents and my two aunts raised me. My father had to work hard so most times I wouldn't see him for weeks straight. My mother had died when I was just a baby. It made my family and me very sad that I would have to grow up without a parent. My father never took care of me, because he didn't have the time, but I'm sure he would have if he had the time.

I started showing an interest in art when I was around 7 or 8 years old, which about the same time I started painting. Some of the schools where I studied art were: The Pennsylvania Academy of Arts and The Art Students League of New York City. There I learned many ways to draw and paint. Before I got my dream job of being an artist I was an architectural draftsman. I designed many houses in New Jersey. After many years of designing houses I finally became an artist.

I traveled to Maine and Manhattan which is where most of my painting are of. Painting the seascape of Maine and the rush of Manhattan was what I was know for. In 1909 I held my first one-man exhibition. Alfred Stieglitz's Gallery was where it was held. At that time I didn't know that he would be my life time friend. His support helped me financially and philosophically. Without it I wouldn't have "prolific output and popularity."

I stayed in Europe for a few years studying even more. I traveled to England, Holland, Belgium, Italy and Paris.There I met Marie Hughes and we were married, at that time I was 44 years old. In 1911 I moved permanently to the US. After moving back to the US my paintings started to get more "bold and aggressive". In 1946 heartbreaking tragedies struck. My wife and long time friend, Alfred Stieglitz, died. At the time I was 75 years old. After that I spent my days at my cottage in Maine. I died in 1953 on October 1st in Cape Split, Maine. Now my artwork is displayed in more than 50 museums. I was a big impact on New Jersey and the art world!

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John Marin painted a picture of his view of St. Paul's, Manhattan
John Marin painted a picture of his view of St. Paul's, Manhattan

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