My role as the joker
My role as the joker
I am, John Joseph Nicholson, or as you might know me, Jack Nicholson. I have been alive for 73 years. 45 of my 73 years were spent in front of the camera. I first appeared on screen in 1958. For my first role I starred in movie called The Cry Baby Killer. From that first role, my career skyrocketed.I was scoring roles as big as The Joker in Batman. Then playing in scary thrillers such as Jack in The Shining. As a young boy, my family and I were abandoned by my father. After this, growing up was more challenging. We had less income. I was raised by my grandparents and sister, and I just didn't have a man in the house to look up to. You see, my real mom was portrayed as my sister because she was very young. Since my family needed to complete the picture, my grandparents acted as my parents. I never found out about this, not until a Time Magazine article revealed the news to me in 1974. After learning this news I was shocked, and a little confused. I spent many good years at my high school, Manasquan High School. There, I was known as "Nick". In 1954 I was voted class clown of my class. An award involving theater and drama was also given to me.

When I landed my first role, I was very excited but still nervous. This was a very extreme role to have when starting my career. Most would play a small role and work their way up. Not me. I started out as the lead role. Playing a juvenile delinquent who thinks he committed murder and freaks out. I feel very lucky for this role because this open the doors to Hollywood.

Batman, The Shining, The Departed, The Bucket List. These are names of just a few of the 72 acting jobs I've had throughout my life.

Currently, I am participating in multiple charities. ActionAid, Hole in One Gang, and the Casey Lee Ball Foundation are the three that I'm involved in. ActionAid works to fight poverty and injustice around the world. The Hole in One Gang works to help kids with illnesses and potentially deadly conditions. The Casey Lee Ball Foundation raises funds to donate to pediatric kidney research.

Currently, I live in Beverly Hills. Although I've had numerous relationships I don't have a wife. I do have children, however.
That is all i can say about myself. Goodbye.
My famous line, "heeerress johnny!" was said in this scene of the shining
My famous line, "heeerress johnny!" was said in this scene of the shining

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