Francis Castelluccio

My name is Francis Castelluccio A.K.A- Frankie Valli. You may know me because of my award-winning musical- "Jersey Boys" or my famous singing group- "The Four Seasons" If you don't.... well you should read this!

I was born in 1934 on May 3rd to Anthony and Mary Castelluccio. I was born in Newark, New Jersey and grew up there. Growing up in Newark was very hard because of the crime rate. I had to stay home because both my parents worked, so I stayed with my two brothers.

That is how my singing group started! My friends Nick Massl, Tommy DeVito, Hank Jewski, and I started our group "The Four Lovers" in 1959 to stay out of jail. I knew I wanted to sing since my Mom took me to see Frank Sinatra when I was six. A little bit later Hank left the group. Soon another good friend of mine, Joe Pesci, introduced us to a great singer/piano player by the name of Bob Gaudio. He join our group and thus, we were four again! That is when I became very famous. Our first gig was at a cocktail bar in Union, New Jersey....those were the days. We soon were seeing poster of us, and albums! IN 1960 we all wanted a classier name so we changed it to "The Four Seasons" Very, very, very soon we were getting more and more famous! We even got preform on the Ed Sullivan show!

In the 1970's the band started having a tough time. Tommy and Nick left the band. Fame was almost over. Alas, I changed the line-up a couple of time and made a HUGE comeback!I also became a solo-artist and had nine top-forty hits. When I was in the band we had five. Some of my most famous songs were Big Girls Don't Cry, Sherry, Walk Like A Man, and December 1963 (Oh What A Night!) Sometimes, On the Sopranos (TV show) You could hear our group singing when the credits came on. The funny thing is, that's what people remember most! In 1990, I was put into the rock & roll hall of fame.. what an honor! Now I am still a great memory to those who have grown up with me. I now, also, have a new brodway show called "Jersey Boys"Jersey Boys is based on my life story and sometimes I think those actors are better than me!

I have three living kids, Francesco,20, and 13-year old twins Emilio and Brando. Two of my kids,Ceilia and Francene died because of a car accident and a drug overdose. I have been divorced four times and is now on a fifth wife. I have a house California and of course my home-state New Jersey!NJ should be proud of me because I ahve brought music to there lives. Every time they hear my song they remember their childhood.

"I'm like the bunny on the TV with the battery, I just want to keep going and going!" That quote is my whole life!!!!!!!!

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I like your first sentence it was pretty funny when you said "hello there!"

Good information i liked the hummor you used.

Emily: I like how you told us who was in his singing group! I also liked your ending! Good Job :)

Note From Aaron A- I really enjoyed how you stuffed a lot of facts into your wiki, and you ending was really great! It had lots of details and it really shows why he is proud to be a New Jersyian. :)