Hello to all of you, it's time for the comedian who revolutionized television to tell you his story. I was commonly known as television's original genius and had the trademark of my cigar in most of my screen shots. But the reason why I was so popular back in the 1950's is because I had revolutionized the way people look at t.v by my camera tricks (still used today!) to my hysterical comedy. I had very well shown people that it is good to laugh.

I was first brought in to the world by my mom in Trenton, New Jersey, January 23rd 1919 (You just heard the best state on the block). Although my career took off when I was older, I first took interest when I was in high school. I had a drama teacher named Harold Van Kurt who had helped me realize my calling. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be famous. Afterward, I headed off to the American Academy of Dramatic Art in Manhattan, then I went to start my career on radio (WTTM) and stayed there. While there, I married with my first wife: Bette Wilcox in August 13th 1945; however, it didn't end sweet. After a while, we had a divorce and while I didn't want anything from her, I did want my children: Bette and Kippie. As it was becoming the 1950's, I was slowly switching on to the t.v.and got famous with my first show: "It's time for Ernie". As I went on and on, I had gained more and more fans with my humor. At one time, I even recovered from my divorce and married the famous co-actor of my show, Edie Adams.Then, in 1957 and in 1961 I had also received the Emmy award for best performance in a comedy series. It was awesome to be the famous hungarian-american on the streets of Trenton.

But then, right when I was at the top of my popularity, I had died in a car crash at Santa Monica Blvd. and Beverly Glen Blvd. in January 13th. 1961. And let me tell you that, it hurt! People guessed that this happened because I was preoccupied with something while I was driving. You see, while I was cruising down the street, I had tried to strike a match by the sole of my shoe to light my cigar(I thought that lighters ruined the flavor of a cigar) when I lost control and crashed in to a street pole. After my death, there were now even more people who recognized me. I had even gotten a star on the Hall of Fame. So yeah, now, did I amaze you? Did I surprise you? I thought so, that is my usual reaction whenever I tell my life story.

As you might have guessed, I have gotten a lot of achievements in my lifetime. Some of which I have said up above, like the star on the Hall of Fame. I had also gotten a Sylvania television award along with being admitted in to the American society of composers and publishers in 1957. I had even gotten an award after I died in 1994 where Edie Adams (my widow) had been handed the lifetime achievement award in honor of me. But before that, I had gotten the director's guild award, which is not found in most famous people. I had gotten a lot of achievements that people can't keep up with, even with those youngsters who try to be like me. But don't worry, you can be moderately close to being just like me. After all just remember my quote "television:a medium. Because it is neither rare nor well done".

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kovacs02.jpg (250×315)
kovacs02.jpg (250×315)
Me, Ernie Kovacs, doing my famous face along with my trademark cigar


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