Born in Pennquack, NJ, raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I became the Captain of the New York Yankee's. My mother is Dorothy Jeter. As of now she lives in Westfield NJ with my Dad. Before I moved to Kalamazoo I lived only 30 miles away from Yankee Stadium. My family and I moved to Kalamazoo so my Dad, Charles could get his masters degree. I went to fisck University in Tennesee. When we moved I was only four years old so I didn't have to say many good byes and that let me focus on baseball.Growing up I always admired David Winfield. As I was growing up in Kalamazoo I was always a die hard Yankee fan.I was born in the year 1974. When I was young my parents told I had the makings of a great base ball player.

I attended Gatorage High School. When I gradguated I was picked by the Yankees on June twenty second.

I also started a foundation that steer's kids away from drugs. My charity was awarded 11 million dollars. it's called Turn Two. I am half white and African American. my dad is African American and my mom is white. In 1996 I was a full time Yankee player. In my rookie seson I was an amazing player. In the year 2009 I passed Lou Garig for hits.

Some of my awards were Hank Aron award in 2001, 2004. I was the world series MVP in the years 2000. I also was the gold glove in the year 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, and 2010.I was also named Sports Man of the Year. I didn't only play base ball as a kid I also played basketball, volleyball, and soft ball. When I first moved to Kalamazoo I started to play tee ball. I was great and those talents soon came in handy when I became a Kalamazoo varsity base ball player.
Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter

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Notes from Mrs. Galen: spelling: captain attended, season, volley prospect; Proper noun capitalization: York, High School, names, cities. Capitalize beginning of sentence include father's name in first paragraph.
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Matthew Lettieri: I never new that his parents live in westfield NJ
Parker: Wow! I didnt know half of this information. I thought you used really good words. I also thought you had good sentance variaty. You showed alot of emotion.
Danny G I didn't know that Derek Jeter had a Charity.
M.S. : I never knew that his parents lived near Scotch Plains. I didn't know he played that many sports.