"America's Captain"

I was born on July 20, 1973 in Livingston, New Jersey. My father was an immigrant from Argentina. I found a lot of interest in soccer as a young child and was a very achieved soccer player. I attended St. Benedict's Prep in Newark, NJ, a very well known soccer school, winning state titles my junior and senior year, and also having a 47 game win streak. During my time at St Benedict's I had 59 assists and 63 goals. We were very good, I shined as well, being on the Soccer Parade magazine twice,and winning the Gatorade National Player of the Year award two times ,and I was an All American three times. With all my successes along with my team's I received a scholarship to to Virginia of Charleston. We were a great soccer force, winning three NCAA titles and three ACC titles.

I continued to succeed in the soccer world playing professionaly for 15 years over seas for Glaslow Rangers, Vfl Wolfsberg ,Bayer Leverkusen, Sunderland, and Manchester City and most currently in the MLS for the New York Redbulls. I feel very greatful that I had these opportunities to play in some of the greatest soccer leagues such as the German Bundisliga and the English Premier league. I played on four US World Cup teams, in 1994,1998,2002,and 2006. In 2002 we went all the way to the quarter finals, but lost controversially against Germany. I was broken. I had the great honor to be named the captain of three World Cup teams. The US soccer commissioner named me "the greatest US soccer player that ever laced up his boots". I felt extremely appreciated. Thanks to all my World Cup contributions, my nick name is "America's Captain" which means a lot to me. Thank you to all of my fans.

I also felt that I needed to give back, so I started the Claudio Reyna Foundation. My foundation is for providing underprivileged kids the opportunity to get a good education, learn to play soccer, and to get involved in their community. I am currently the US Youth Soccer Technical Director; I love working with the kids. Supporting youth soccer and developing our players is important to me. As of right now, NJ is one of the best soccer states in America. My goal as the technical directer is to improve the structure of developing and coaching players all across the country in order to build our national team and get them in specific training. This way soccer keeps growing and growing in America.

My family always comes first to me. I live with my wife Daniella, and my kids Jack, Giovanni, Joah, and Carolina. We moved out of New Jersey and now live in Bedford, New york.

Claudio Reyna Tribute

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