Crying and screaming on Christmas day in 1821 I, Clarissa Harlow Barton was born in Oxford, Massachusetts destined to be one of the most honored women in American History. In 1861 I made an agency to bring supplies to wounded soldiers on the battlefield, this made me feel very proud of myself to be helping people. Eventually, in 1862 I was able to get permission to help soldiers at some of the worst battles that are country has seen. General Benjamin Butler even appointed me as the "lady in charge" of the hospitals during a war! In 1870 I started working with an international organization called the Red cross. In 1881 when I was 60 I became the founder and the first president of the American red cross. This is when I'd really started to get my career going.

I started teaching as a pioneer when most of the teachers were men. In fact I opened a free public school in New Jersey to help people get the education that they need. In 1898 I went to Cuba with supplies helping people in need on the Galveston Texas Floods. I was known as the angel on the battlefield for all my good deeds. Unfortunately I was getting old, and because of that I resigned from the Red cross in 1904 (probably the worst regret that I made in my life). If you really knew me, then you would know that I would never stop helping people even in my golden days. I was dedicated to this for a lifetime, and beyond. After my war experiences, I became a lecturer to people to talk to them about it. Fortunately I died peacefully of natural causes in my hometown at the age of 91.

In my lifetime I did a lot of things to help people and make their life's better. I accomplished many things which made me swell with pride. I became the first woman to work as a copyist in the patent office at Washington D.C. I wrote several books about not only my childhood but the Red cross and the Red cross movement. These books even became published! I helped soldiers during the civil war!(okay you get the point) Over all I became one of the most important woman in American history. I made a imprint in our history and I did the thing that I loved best, which, in my opinion, is how things should go.
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