I'm going to give you 3 clues and name who I am if you get it right great job if you get it wrong I'm very mad. I'm a actor and a comedian, I have a famous show called "Everybody Hates Chris" 2005 on Nick at Nite, and my final clue I was born February 7 who am I?
My name is Chris Rock I was born February 7 in South Carolina. My brother's names are Tony, Kenny, and Jordan Rock. My parents name are Julius and Rose Rock. I attended a all white school in Brooklyn it was crazy when I as a only black male stepping into a all white school everybody looked at me like I was crazy that's how I got the idea lined "Everybody Hates Chris". I was discovered by Eddie Murphy in a Night Club. Then when Eddie Murphy discovered me I became on Saturday Night Live but I left the next season to have little parts in movies. But then Christopher Julius Rock the 3rd became famous I'm not in part of movies I'm the whole deal the "STAR!''

I won 2 Emmy Awards for all the movies that I played in like Madagascar 1 and 2 and even the summer debut movie "Grown Ups". I got married 1996 to Mallak Compton we met in Brooklyn, New York where I used to live when I was a teenager. When the kids where looking at me they thought I was crazy but now I'm the riches person in New Jersey so now when I go to High School Reunions every 10 years they look at me because I'm successful walking in with my beautiful wife. I was 18 years old when Eddie Murphy discovered me. People say I'm a funny comedian but "I was born a suspect. When I walk by I see women clutching thier purses and locking thier car doors.When I look out the window seeing old ladies dialing 9-1 but waiting for them to have a reason to dial 1."

My life now is great.I live in Alpine New Jersey, I have the riches house in New Jersey ($40 million). Have a wonderful family, beautiful wife and 2 amazing kids named Lola and Simone Rock. No one at my old school would of thought I'm a actor or a comedian they still can't believe. I still cant believe that I didn't go to college or finish High School because I wanted to live my dream to be a comedian but it was my chioce but look at me now. I dropped at when I was 17 years old. Why am I in Rocking States Of New Jersey because I'm a black man trying to live his dream you see Brooke Shields (a model,actress,and author) or Micheal Douglas (entertainer) I'm not super man, author, singer, or a model but I do have the great legs for it.I just want to show people that this is Chris Rock. Born February 7th, have a show call "Everybody Hates Chris", and I'm a actor and comedian.

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Comment from KC: Your writing piece was very good. You made it sound like I was really talking to Chris Rock. Great starting and very informational.I didn't realy know this guy that much! Great job!

Chris Rock is the best good job adding voice

From Ron

From M.S.
I liked how you explained his life before he bacame famous. I liked the part when you said that he was the only black person in his school and that it was akward for him. Good job explaining the details.

from ben j: Chris Rock was born in febuary. I never new he won to emey awards.
FROM GSR: I like your second para..
from hayley p: that is really cool that he won a couple Emmy awards. the name Julius makes me think of the show that chris rock is doing ''Every Body hates Chris. ''