Buzz Aldren


My name is Buzz Aldren, I was a famous Astronaut and the second man on the moon. I knew Nell Armstrong. He was my partner and a very good guy. We were the two first humans to set foot on another land a.k.a. The Moon. I was born on January 20, 1930 and I grew up in New Jersey. I went to Montclair High School and West Point military. My father was a Colonel in the U.S.A. Military. My grandfather was a army chaplain.

I got my nick name Buzz because my sister said buzzer instead of brother so they called him Buzz. I liked that name a lot. Then in 1988 I changed my name to Buzz. I was on the moon for 11 hours. I brought back 46 pounds of space rocks. I made a world record to the longest space walk ever, it was five hours long. It changed my life i thought I would never return to Earth.

I wrote adult books and kids book. One of them was called Back to Earth. I also got a Presidential Award for Freedom. In March 1972 I retired from work after 21 years. I had three wive's Joan Archer, Beverly Zile and Briggs Canon. Briggs Canon was my last wife. I have a family of 6 grown kids and one grandson. I am still alive and still retired.

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