Bartolo "Buddy" Valastro Jr.

Since I was a child, I marveled my father's talent in baking and decorating beautiful cakes and confections. Now I own my father's bake shop, fulfilling his dream of making Carlo's Bakery a household name. I was born on March 3, 1997 Hoboken, NJ in a big, old fashioned italian family. My father, my grandfather, and my great grandfather all were bakers. Watching them lead me to follow in their footsteps. Unfortunately, my father died when I was 17, and I had to take over for him in his shop. Baking and decorating cakes and pastries came naturally to me. It was like I was born to own Carlo''s Bake Shop. I had to
make his dream of making Carlo's Bakery a household product come true.

Customers realized my talents and business was "booming"! There were lines out the door every day, all day! TLC then gave me a TV show called the Cake Boss. The show is taped inside my 10,000 square foot building. It may seem large, but to fit lots of cake, camera's (for my show) and space for us to work, its a tight fit. My show is all about baking great cake and family. Growing up and still living in the town I was born in is really a fun experience. An advantage of working in the town i was born in is that i still see people i grew up with.

A lot of famous celebrities have come to my shop to buy cakes. Snookie from the Jersey Shore came and bought a cake and was impressed with our work. I get to meet a lot of great people and spend time with people I love, this makes my job even more enjoyable. I am proud to be a New Jersyean, with so many wonderful people, good business and lots of family.

I have had the honor of being featured on many of TV and news shows such as Food Network, The Today's Show, The View, the Sopranos, and Good Morning America. Reporters also wrote about me in the New York Times, and many other shows and newspapers. It was always a great honor to be on these shows representing my family, New Jersey and my bakery on each of my appearances on television. each time I am on television, the hosts are always very interested with what I have to say. Maybe its because I have a great sense of humor, they always enjoy talking to me and i let them try and see some of my best creations. Being on television is a fun and interesting experience.

Throughout my baking and cake decorating career, I have exceeded my father's dreams. Sugar art, cake decorating, and pastries are my expertise, all because my father's recipes and teachings. Even though i am early in my career i have been much more successful than i ever expected. My shop is placed in the perfect spot, commuters and locals all come to my bake shop for breakfast, a snack or dessert. I have just gone on my first national tour, talking about my life, my accomplishments, and i helped some people decorate some of my cupcakes. It is all a very fun experience. I also just established my first factory, so i can mass produce

my delicious treats and confections. this sucks

My bakery also has a website, where you can buy t shirts, or look at cakes that i have made in the past the link to my website is You can also check out my show on, on this website you can see biographies of my family and me, plus lots of games quizzes.
Bartolo Buddy Valastro In Front of His Bakery

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