Ashley Tisdale

I Ashley Michelle Tisdale was born July 2nd 1985 in Monmouth County, New Jersey. I have a sister named Jennifer Tisdale. She is also an actress just like me. The way I first became famous was when I was 3 years old. I had met a talent manager named Bill Perlman in my hometown mall and he still represents me today. When I was 12 years old I was honored to have the oppertunity of singing at the White House for President Bill Clinton. After I nailed my first auditon I went on to star in over 100 national network commercials. At the age of eight I booked a leading role in the national tour of the broadway musical "Les Miserables". Later I toured internationally with the cast of "Annie".

 Today I am an American actress and singer. I can't believe it because everything just happened like so fast. I mean I was 3 years old! To be this famous today it's just incredible to me. I have stared in High School Musical, High school Musical 2 and High School Musical 3 Senior Year. I even made my own movie called Sharpay's Adventure. Sharpay is actually the character I play in all 3 High School Musical movies. I've also stared in hellcats, the CW's new drama. In 2005 the television show "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" casted me as a candy counter girl named Maddie Fitzpatrick. This was actually another Disney Channel Show I've done. In 2009 I won the conveted MTV Movie Awards for Breakthrough performance Female. This award was an honor and amazing for me to receive. I felt very exctatic when this happened. Another award I received was that I've been nominated for multiple Teen choice Awards. Later on I was named one of the Seventeen Magazines Style Star of 2010. I will be featured in either the December or January issue. I can't wait! For the brand new X Box 360 I hosted the Kinect Launch Party on October 23 2010. It was pretty awesome to see myself in a video game. I wonder what other people will think when they see me.

An accomplishment that I am happy of achieving is that I have supported the St Jude Childrens Reasearch Hospital and the Variety Power of Youth. Another proud achievement that I did to help people was that my dad and I lent hard work to build a brand new home for a new Missouri family in need. It felt pretty good to help people in need because they are not as fortunate as I am. It was definitely a sad cite to see these people without a home. I was really proud of myself for doing this and I wish I can do the same for all the people in the world. I had actually participated in the Hope for Haiti telethon and raised over then 58 million dollars to the victims of Haiti's earthquake. This was something I was proud of becuase I feel happy to help these less fortunate people. Especially after that terible earthquake. Helping the hungery people also satisfies me to be able to help them. After I eat, instead of getting tired, I get hyper. I think my Hellcats cast think I am crazy for getting hyper.

I released my Guilty Pleasure album and it came out in August 28th 2009. I was very excited when this happened because to be able to know that people will buy it makes me happy. I just hope my fan's like it. I also was recently named on of the Teen People's 25 hottest stars under 25. I couldn't believe it. This was an amazing oppertunity.

Living in New Jersey helped me accomplish my accomplishments. I have a good enviorment and a good government. Everything that I've done really represents that I don't give up and that anything can happen throughout life. I became famous so fast and so little but look at me now. I'm all grown up and have a career as an American actress and singer. New Jersey is my home and the place where I grew up.

Kiara Cruz

comment from EB: I had no idea Ashley Tisdale had a sister, or that she was on broadway:o! Nice facts!
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Comment from OG : good job i liked your second paragraph good fcts
Comment From MH: i liked how you explained all about her life and i like how you used a lot of voice to make it really seem like you were her. Good Job : )
Comment: I liked your facts, very informative. Nice work.
comment from HP: i didnt know that she had a sister! you really know alot about ashley.