Anne Spencer Morrow Lindbergh

A writer and an aviator, I'm Anne Spencer Morrow Lindbergh. I was born in Englewood NJ, on June 22, 1906. My parents, Dwight Whitney and Elizabeth Morrow, raised me in New Jersey. I have four other delightfully great siblings too! Although I was a shy, and quiet young girl, I still enjoyed writing, and making poems. As I attended Smith College, I majored in English and have many Awards that I will talk about.

During my college years, I wrote some of my most fascinating books, i was awarded with the Cross of Honor of the U.S. Flag Association, Women in Aerospace presented me with a special Aerospace Explorer Award, I was also the first licensed woman glider pilot in the United States. Throughout my writing career I wrote some good books! Won't you take a look at them, please do. "Gift From the Sea", "Bring Me a Unicorn", "Hour of Gold, Hours of Lead", "North to the Orient", "War Within or Without", "Listen! The Wind", "Dearly Beloved", "The Worry Week", "Nobody's Orphans", "Earth Shine", and "The Steep Ascent."

There are so many other books that I wrote after my college years !I received a bachelors degree of Arts, and I recieved honorary degrees from 4 other colleges! During my college years I also got married to Charles Lindbergh, the famous aviator that flew from New York to Paris, in 1929, and I was his co-pilot, navigator and radio operator on history-making explorations, charting potential air routes for commercial airlines. My husband and I have a child n


amed Charles Jr. and he was born in the Summer of 1931. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped by some awful, cruel, and foul man, and my son was murdered. We never truely found out who the real was the real person that killed and kidnapped my son away from Charles and I, but I think-

one day some one will catch that man! Back then, in my days, being a woman pilot was not the proper job for a lady like myself. But nothing could stop me from becoming something that I longed to be, a pilot.

Well, you already know about Charles Jr. so i will tell you a little bit about my other 5 great, smart, charming, and beautiful children. Their names are Jon, Land, Anne, Scott, and Reeve. Unfortunately my wonderful children, Charles Jr. and Anne both were deceased in 1932 and 1993, as I told you. Sadly I died on February 7, 2010 at my second home in Vermont. I hope one day someone will take after me and become a writer and aviator, like I was.

E.L Period 5

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Note from Sophia: I thought that you did a great job really getting into your person and writing from their perspective. Your writing was very interesting and full of facts!

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