New Jersey has taught me so much about baseball and is a really great state. I am very proud to live here and share my life with some of the greatest people who have taught me so much.I was born on October 23, 1965 in Toms River New Jersey. I've had Major League Baseball experience for 19 years and I was a really great pitcher. I've been on very good baseball teams such as the Mets, the Yankees, and the Blue Jays. The Yankees put me in the rotation in 1988. I attended Central Regional High School in Bayville New Jersey. When I was on high school, I was featured in the magazine Sports Illustrated in the article Faces in the Crowd for striking out 32 batters in a game that consisted of 14.1 innings!! That was when I knew I was going to MLB to become a pitcher. It was my destiny! I threw my first career no-hitter on May 11, 1996 against the Colorado Rockies. Wow was my team proud of me!!! I was jumped on by my team-mates and congratulated by the roaring crowd.

I try to give back as much as I can to the places all around the world. Baseball has been so good to me so as a result, I wanted to give back to the communities that have suffered. Some of the charities I have made and joined are I contributed about 40,000 to the charity Marine Corps, Law Enforcement. That was a real treat to do. I also started a Mets scholarship fund that would help kids who have lost a parent, which I donated about 5,000 dollars. A couple of other charities I helped was one that was building a playground for kids who need rehab. I gave 200,000 dollars to that. Finally I gave 10,000 dollars to a charity called Amanda's Easel, which supports survivors of domestic value. I really enjoy to give back and will continue doing it!!

Currently, I am a happy baseball game announcer for the channel YES. New Jersey is very proud of me, in my opinion because of all of the charities that I give back to. It feel really nice to give some efforts into making our state a better place to live. I will definetly continue to give back and help others and of course be a great announcer for as long as I live.

Note from Mrs. Ross: Need commas to between city and state and after transition phrase, check spelling, finish essay, don't forget a good closing. Also, why is NJ proud of him? Thanks!

Comment: great story! I especially liked how you stated out quotes such as becoming a pitcher was "your destiny" and how the team would be proud of you.

Comment from L.K- I loved your little story. I cant belive he played baseball for 19 years!