February 28th, 1976 was the day I was born. I opened my eyes to a town called Cherry Hill, located in New Jersey. Soon I attended Carusi Middle School and later attended Cherry Hill High School West. I started to act when I was thirteen. One of my early childhood friends was Amy Smart. She was a friend that I made who inspired me to take acting classes. At first while taking acting classes I was a little bit nervous but I got used to it and loved it!

When my 17th birthday came, I settled in Japan. Modeling in many countries was a great experience! A few countries that I modeled in were, Japan, Australia, and Italy. During my free time on the weekends I enjoy reading cookbooks. I think New Jersey is proud of me because I helped a charity called Make Poverty History. It was for a great cause. It was the biggest ever anti-poverty movement in 2005. I also think New Jersey is proud of me because I've been successful!

December 17th, 2007 was the date when Hayes MacArthur and I got engaged. Two years later, August 1st, 2009, Hayes and I got married. I have a wonderful sister who's name is Kirsten. She is a teacher. I have an amazing mother named Margaret Larter, who is a realtor, and a fantastic father named Danforth Larter, who is a trucking executive. I've been in a lot of movies and TV shows but my first professional acting job was on a television show. The television show was called "Chicago Sons". I hope to be successful for the rest of my life!

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