I was born on March 14 1879. I had many great accomplishments in my lifetime, including winning the Nobel Prize. There are also other things I'm not proud of such as helping create a bomb that killed millions.

I originally lived in Germany in an average home and we were a middle class family. During my childhood there were two objects that I held dearly, those were a compass and a geography book which I called my sacred little geography book. I was very curious all my life so what may seem boring or uninteresting to other people was interesting to me because I wanted to learn. I know it's hard to believe but I had troubles in school since the teachers did not encourage creativity and inquiry. One good thing that did happened to me was that I was introduced to advanced math by a medical student.

A little bit later in my life I was fortunate enough to be able to apply to the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School. Very good grades in math and physics allowed the testers to look past my failures in French, chemistry, and biology. Also once in the school I met many good friends and those years were some of the best years in my life. In those years I studied many of the advanced classes on my own and I started to skip classes. This was a mistake because when I asked for recommendations from my professors they all turned me down. I tried to marry a girl named Maria but I couldn't because I was jobless, poor, and my fathers business went bankrupt, this point was the lowest in my life.

Luckily my friend was able to recommend me for a job as a clerk. Then something terrible happened my father died and it caused me to experience depression for many years. On the bright side though, I had enough income to finally marry Maria on Jan. 6, 1903. Then while daydreaming in my clerk’s office I began to wonder what would happen if I ran along side a light beam. In contrast to the science known then, I found that the speed of light remains the same no matter how fast someone moved. This led me to develop new physics equations that explained my findings. That year I released four documents that would change physics forever.
My papers where ignored by physicists at first but they soon caught the attention of Max Planck the most popular physicist of my time. Despite my success my marriage was falling apart. I was constantly traveling attending international meetings and I was caught up in my own theories about light. We were also arguing about our low income. Our arguments led us into divorce in 1919.

In November 1915 I completed my theory of relativity, my masterpiece. Many people considered me to be a great scientist after I constructed that theory. In the 1930s, knowing that my life might be in danger in Germany because of the Nazis, I moved to Princeton New Jersey. Later FDR asked me to create the atomic bomb much to my horror.

In my last days I tried to find the theory of everything, combining all the physics theories and equations. People today are still trying to find the ultimate theory of everything.

Source :Albert Einstien biography.biography.com. n.d. Web. December 15,2010

comment from ben jackmin: I never knew eienstien was going to be a clerk.
didn't know his marreage was falling apart.

Skanda Says:
You've added a lot of detail. I wonder why the teachers were against creativity and inquiry? You organized everything so that everything flowed. I could really follow what you said.